Saturday, 11 July 2015

Where can you get great pizza in Carrasco?

I have frequented Don Pepperone often and their pizza is ok but this week I went to Chivi Pizza and it is great!  Available for takeaway (delivery) and dine-in.  Chivi Pizza bases are a medium thickness and the variety of topping types is excellent.  The pizzas were yummy and the setting is really nice too (a bit chilly in winter but in summer it would be great to return and use the great outdoor seating area that they have).  Chivi Pizza also offer imported beers and a great selection of non-alcoholic drinks (I had a peach basil drink that was delicious).  And for an added bonus, Chivi Pizza in Carrasco is open from 7pm!   I will be returning here with my family for sure :)

Check out Chivi Pizza: 
Schroeder 6472 (between Arocena and Costa Rica)

Chivi Pizza is also in Punta Del Este and Punta Carretas :)

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