Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Where can you buy KitchenAid products in Montevideo?

I purchased my KitchenAid mixer from Nelson Sobrero in Carrasco and it was cheaper than if I were to buy it where I am from (New Zealand)!  although it may not be cheaper than in other countries, I got a great deal with Itau...15% off and it could be paid for in 10 payments.  This sort of deal is offered at Nelson Sobrero at various times throughout the year.  Plus a benefit of buying within Uruguay, and not importing one, is that I got a warranty from the store :)

Also, keep an eye on the website for other deals that Nelson Sobrero offer - at the moment they have 25% off all Panasonic products when you pay with Itau (and you can make up to 12 payments).

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