Thursday, 16 July 2015

Where can you buy sweet edible handcrafted gifts in Montevideo?

I can recommend the beautiful handcrafted (baked and decorated) gingerbread cookies made by 'Souvenir Rosquilla Pintada Rusa'.  The detail put into the decorating of these delicious cookies almost makes them too beautiful to eat.  At Christmas time she also makes Christmas themed cookies to hang on your Christmas Tree.  Phone/text Marina on 094 451 067 (in English or Spanish) to see a selection of the cookies for sale.  The cookies cost $50 pesos for the small ones and $100 pesos for the larger ones.  I think they are beautiful and a very unique gift to give to someone or just keep for yourself and enjoy.


  1. Do you know if Marina is still making cookies? Would she do a custom order, for say, dinosaurs?

    1. Good question, I am not sure if she would do a custom order because I think she only does the Russian style but you never know...send her a text or call her and ask. Feel free to let me know what she says, would be good to know for future reference. Thanks, Annette