Thursday, 30 July 2015

What is La Ciudad de los Chicos in Shopping Montevideo?

La Ciudad de los Chicos on level 2 of Shopping Montevideo is pretend small city for kids to visit, play and learn about.  When they enter they are given some currency and can go store-to-store learning about the shops and spending their money.  In the stores the children are not only shoppers but also workers.  We had a great afternoon here and our kids thoroughly enjoyed it.  My biggest tip would be to go in a time when other people are all leaving Montevideo (for a long weekend or holiday) or a weekday, because then it is quieter.
Prices: children $250, adults (13yrs+) $160
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 2-9pm and Sundays 2-7pm.
Parties: contact them for hours, details and prices.
Also if you have an Abitab card with points you can get discounts.

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