Wednesday, 27 April 2016

How do you order food online in Uruguay?

For many of us we have been using online food delivery sites for a long time in countries around the world but it seems that Uruguay moves a lot slower in some areas of technology.  PedidosYa started in Uruguay in 2010 and is an online website to order food for delivery from various restaurants.  I have been in Uruguay for 3 years and have finally got around to ordering food via PedodiosYa.  My lack of Spanish as well as lack of desire to eat dinner at 10pm has put me off using PedodiosYa.  I found the website was easy enough to use and the online help chat was good too.  Some improvements to the site for the future could be to allow creditcard purchases, to have the site in more languages than Spanish, to have a membership loyalty programme/discounts, and to have an online tracker system to track the progress of your order.  

A couple of user tips from me to you:

  • check the time that the restaurant actually opens
  • check the estimated delivery time
  • check if the restaurant charges a delivery fee
  • check if the restaurant actually delivers to your area


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