Monday, 25 April 2016

Are you sick of eating the same old Uruguayan pizza?

I tried the most delicious Brazilian style pizza at a friends Birthday party and was keen to try it again.  The restaurant is called Pizzeria Pizzaiolo and the 2nd time around I was not disappointed! With flavours that vary from the basic Uruguayan-style pizzas, Pizzeria Pizzaiolo is a must try!   They don't provide the usual massive amounts of fake mozzarella and thick doughy bases, instead they have delicious sauces, flavours and toppings.  I love the BBQ chicken pizza and the buffalo wings are great too - they even make Hawaiian pizza! (ever seen that in Uruguay?!).  The pizzas are huge (40cm) and big enough for our family of 4.  You can order for delivery online at PedidosYa or dine in at their restaurant in Punta Gorda.  You must give Pizzeria Pizzaiolo a shot!

Pizzeria Pizzaiolo
María Espinola 1613 - Punta Gorda
2605 3819


  1. Good to know! You might also try Don Ciccio in Pocitos... Delicious pizza, thin crisp crust and they also have hawaiian (although they call it the Brazilian:D)

  2. Thanks for the tip Tracy. I don't venture into Pocitos for dinner often so when I do I love to try my favourites of cuisine that is not offered in Carracso area (Chinese at Fushimi, Armenian at Erevan, Mediterranean at Lassh and Mexican at La Lupita to name just a few). But I am always up for trying to restaurants!