Monday, 15 February 2016

How to drive in Uruguay when your view is obscured?

Does anyone else find it completely crazy and unsafe that on almost every corner the street view is blocked by a bus station, tree or advertisement board?  or course you do, what am I saying....anyone who comes from a country where road safety is important will understand what I am talking about.  In part I understand that there might be a really old tree on the corner of a street so maybe that is ok but seriously what about the bus stops and advertisements??? they are placed directly on the corner of the street (main roads and otherwise) and you can't see anything coming along the road.  What do you do?  you either inch your car out so you take up half the lane and everyone coming has to go around you or you just pull out like a mad-driver and hope like hell that no one is coming - or at least this seems to be what most drivers in Uruguay do!  am I right?  

This was me today trying to pull across four lanes...

Look left:  can't see anything past the bus-stop/advertisement!

Look right:  can't see anything past the overgrown tree that is being carefully grown on the corner of the main road!

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