Monday, 8 February 2016

Have you been to Lavender Tea Room?

I have been to Lavender Tea Room a few times and thought it was about time to blog about it.  Lavender is a nice little cafe in a lovely setting inside a garden Centre in Carrasco.  The salads, sandwiches and tarts are all delicious.  I have a mixed opinion about the deserts, the cheesecake on one hand is absolutely delicious and a must-try, but some of the cakes are hit-and-miss (they look fabulous but some look much better than they taste).  You can buy refreshing lemonade with mint by the litre and they serve various types of tea.  I would not recommend the coffee at all.  Also, it is important to note that children under 12 are not allowed at this cafe.  At busy times (i.e. Saturdays and holidays) it is important to book at Lavender Tea Room.  Enjoy!

Lavender Tea Room
Mones Roses 6605 (where it crosses Divina Comedia)
Monday 4-8pm, Tuesday-Saturday 12-8pm
2604 6575

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