Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Best apps for Expats and Travelers alike...

If you are anything like me then you get a bit overwhelmed by the process of app shopping…as an Expat living abroad these are my must have apps:

No matter what country I am in I always need to know how much things cost.  XE is a great way to easily convert any currency.

A great app for telling you what the weather is or will be in any place you are, or any place you plan to travel to.

Having trouble communicating in a foreign country?  This app is great to translate almost any language, via text or orally.

My favourite booking site for hotel bookings – they offer great deals and if you use them enough you become a ‘Genius’ booker and get even better deals and special offers.

If you are not one of those people with a super fancy airline membership card to access their lounges, then Priority Pass is for you.  For an annual fee you get access to any of the 900 Priority Pass lounges around the world.  Download the lounge info with wifi and then use the app offline when you arrive at any airport.

You can’t beat the Netflix shows on offer for a small monthly fee.  And now you can download shows on the app for offline viewing.

Are you looking for a cheaper accommodation option than a hotel?…the houses and rooms on offer via Airbnb are a great travel option.  I am also a fan of sites like Airbnb that allow you pay by Paypal.

If you can handle the occasional ad then this app is great for free music.  To get the ad-free version you will need to pay for the app.  But in the end the free version still has less ads than a radio station!

And lastly, for a little bit of light entertainment…Words With Friends is an app where you can play scrabble with your friends (as opposed to playing against AI).  Beware…it is slightly addictive.

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