Thursday, 27 April 2017

Any budding actors out there?

The Montevideo Players Society is holding auditions for Shear Madness.  

Auditions will be held on Wednesday, May 3, from 6:30 to 9 PM.  If you intend to drop in after 8:30 PM please let us know beforehand.

About the play: The madness erupts at your not-so-typical Montevideo hair salon, when suddenly the old lady upstairs gets mysteriously murdered and everyone’s dying to know WHODUNIT? The audience combs through the clues, questioning the suspects like a bona fide “SHERLOCK HOLMES.” And the best part? It’s different every time you see it!
The audience interacts with characters throughout the play (including the intermission) AND votes to determine how the play will end and who the guilty party will be. So… different days have different endings, which are already scripted accordingly.
About the roles they need to fill:
Mikey Thomas: Male, should look under 30. A preppy-looking, eager-beaver who’s a capable and earnest undercover cop.
Tony Whitcomb: Male, should look under 40. The flamboyant, irrepressible proprietor of the Shear Madness salon: fun, devilish, interesting, passionate, spontaneous and a real character.

Eddie Lawrence: Male, should look over 40 but under 60. A well-dressed, nice-looking confident man who covers a dangerous interior with a smooth, suave, and 
They are also recruiting for an understudy for the role of Barbara Demarco: Female, should look under 30. A wise-cracking, gum-snapping, nail polishing hairdresser; very attractive, though on the cheap side. An understudy is not expected to perform unless something prevents the regular actress from performing, but it can be fun and there are lots of other things to do backstage for which we would definitely appreciate the help.

Email for more information.

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