Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Want to save money on your Antel bills?

If you are an Antel user you may have noticed a note on your paper bills that says that from the 1st September each paper bill sent to you will cost $29.  Antel is encouraging users to sign up to receive bills via email.  Sounds like a great idea to me, in my case this will save me $87 pesos per month not to mention the ecological goodwill.  

Antel encourages the use of their website or phone services to change account details and receive all bills via email.  However, it turns out that for non-Spanish speakers you can't phone *123 to make the change to your account and if your Antel accounts were registered using your passport number (and not a UY cedula) you also can't change your account details via the Antel website, because it doesn't accept passport numbers.  I hope you are all able to change your account details via the phone or the web, because if you can't you will need to visit an Antel office :( and that is another entirely different blog post!

Good luck Antel users!

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  1. Actually you can get into your Antel account by using your passport number, but the trick is they add a couple of letters in front of your passport number. I suspect those letters correspond to your nationality since mine are FR.
    Check on the original contract you signed with them, the complete passport number with the additional two letters is there somewhere. I know I found mine and have been receiving my invoices via email (and enjoying the corresponding discount) for several months.