Friday, 26 August 2016

How do you order gas bottles to be delivered to your house?

It is super easy to order refilled gas bottles delivered to your house.   You can order online, via their app or on the phone.  I always order via phone and if you phone from your landline then after the first time they will automatically know your address for your next order.  I don't speak much Spanish and I am able to understand the phone system, but here is summary:

  • phone 0800 1710
  • blah blah blah (recorded message in Spanish)
  • press 1 for 13kg bottle
  • blah blah blah (recorded message in Spanish)
  • press 1 if you are paying cash
  • press 2 if you are paying with debitcard
  • press 3 if you are paying with creditcard
  • someone will answer the phone and you will need to ask for 1 bottle of gas
  • they will ask for your address or read out your address if they know it
  • you need to confirm if your address is correct
  • they will confirm the price, payment type and tell you how long for delivery


At the moment a 13kg gas bottle refill from RioGas is $500pesos.

If you don't already own a gas bottle then you will need to purchase one - you can do this via RioGas too.  I think gas bottles cost around $2,500 pesos and then you own it (i.e it is yours to use/refill as you like and then you can sell it when you don't need it anymore).

0800 1710
Order online

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