Sunday, 15 May 2016

Are you looking for handmade leather bags in Montevideo?

For those that know me, they know I love to shop!  In Uruguay I find the fashion a bit hit-and-miss..wait a that, I find it entirely hit-and-miss.  So while in complete withdrawal from the lack of shopping I do in this country, I do occasionally manage to find a gem hidden in the rough.

Trendy Cueros is a leather bag supplier that sells beautiful handmade leather purses and bags, all made by herself in her apartment in downtown Montevideo. Trendy Cueros doesn't have a store but you can find their products on their Facebook page or when they are selling at any of the Design Fairs happening in and around Montevideo.  The next Feria Maxima De Diseño next is on 17-19 June at LATU in Portones.

Not only do I find Trendy Cueros leather products to be priced well, they are also stylish and well made.  Not to mention, I love to support small businesses - who wants to buy a leather bag that has been mass produced in China when you could have a one-off handmade bag from Uruguay?...not me!

Check out Trendy Cueros and happy shopping :)


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