Wednesday, 16 November 2016

How do you get the yellow fever vaccination in Montevideo?

For some reason the yellow fever vaccination is not available at hospitals and clinics.  Instead you have to make an appointment and head down to the Unidad de Sanidad de Fronteras at the port to get this vaccination.  I found the entire process quite time consuming and difficult so thought I would help you all to figure out how to get this vaccination.  Here is how you do it:

1. Phone 2915 4765 between 9am-1pm Monday-Friday and ask to make an appointment.  Notes: you will need to speak Spanish.  You can only make an appointment for the current week (no further in advance).  You will need patience because the phone is not answered very often (it took me multiple tries on different days to get someone to actually pick up the phone!).
2. If you are taking a child under the age of five you will need a certificate from your Dr to approve that they are allowed to get the vaccination.
3. For your appointment:

  •  head to the port and enter at the main entrance under the BQB sign
  •  take a right at the Uruguay Tourism building and then the first left just past that building
  • you will drive down the fence line to the left of a large loading building
  • at the end of the building turn right, you will see this building:

  • enter the building at the main door:
  • the foyer looks like you are in the wrong place but don't fear:
  • Walk up the wooden staircase to the 1st floor, where you will see:

  • Then join the queue of people and wait to be the next one called.  Yes, you heard me right - even though everyone has an appointment this makes no difference!  it is first come first served.
  • When you are called through you will have to pay $570 per vaccination and then you go to the nurse for the jab.  This part of the process is surprisingly quite quick.