Saturday, 1 October 2016

Why do expats move?

I am often asked about why my family and I move a lot.   Unlike some expats who have no choice about when and where they move to (because the companies that employ them make that call) my family and I make the decision ourselves.  So why have we moved from New Zealand to England to Brazil to Vietnam to Uruguay in the past eight years?...and why are we now planning a move to Rwanda?...

Better travel opportunities - we love to travel so living in a small country with limited travel options and high prices is definitely a reason to move on. Also, living on different continents and in different cultures makes for some amazing travel adventures.
Better lifestyle for us and our children - for example; moving from a country where we had to live in an apartment to where we could live in a bigger house with a yard, moving from a polluted country to a country with cleaner air...
Cheaper cost of living - living in an expensive country can make life very hard if ones income does not match the level of expenditure required in the country.
Better schooling options for our children - our children's education is important to us so making sure that are children are able to attend a great International School or even a great local school is key.
Better climate - we are not opposed to a white winter or a super hot summer but living in a country that is not well prepared and equipped for its own climate makes life unpleasant.
Job promotion - staying in a job when there is no possibility for career advancement is not high on our list.
Job satisfaction - even if one is in their desired employment role this does not mean that one is happy and satisfied in that job.   
Food, food, food - who doesn't love great food?...we love a variety of cuisines so living in a country with limited options in food variety is a big negative in our book.

Good luck with your move and if you have any questions about any of the countries I have lived in then please Ask Annette :)

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