Thursday, 9 June 2016

Where can you find a good electronics fix-it shop?

Tucked in behind the small set of shops on Arocena (between Jamaica and Murillo streets) is a fab little electronics fix-it store.  You will see the store down the alley between the music studio and the key cutting store.  It is a small and local shop, as you can tell when you walk in and can hardly move because it is stacked floor to ceiling with various broken/repaired electronics.  Items I have taken to be fixed include; a remote controlled car, dehumidifier, iron, toaster, lamp.  The guy is very friendly and provides a quick service.  If he can't fix something he doesn't charge.  His prices are so cheap and his work so good that I keep going back with any broken electronics that I have.  I would highly recommend this store.  #supportlocalbusiness

Phone: 2601 0709

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