Friday, 2 October 2015

Are you prepared for the sidewalks in Uruguay?

Like other countries in South America (i.e. Brazil) the responsibility of sidewalks belongs not to the government/local council authorities but to the house owner adjacent to the sidewalk.  What this leads to is a mis-match of sidewalks (if any!), badly maintained sidewalks and next to no curb ramps.  So be prepared and if you have young children bring a great stroller with good suspension.

This is what I walk over (and push a stroller over) on the way to school everyday:

 No sidewalk, no curb ramp...

Busy intersection with no curb ramps and no pedestrian crossing lights! cross the street at your own risk :)


  1. The lights are mandatory for all, it doesn't matter if you are in a car or bicycle or just walking...

    1. Yes this may be so but additional pedestrian lights is always nice to make it easier to cross. Drivers in Uruguay have no respect for pedestrians.